VPN Install for Android
Follow these steps to install the TopSecretSurfer VPN on your Android device.
Step 1:
Go to "Settings" on your device.
Step 2:
Go to "Wireless and Networks" and choose "More..."
Step 3:
Tap on "VPN."
Step 4:
Tap on the plus sign in the upper corner. This will let you create a new VPN connection.
Step 5:
You'll see a screen to set up your VPN connection. Enter "TopSecretSurfer" in the "Name" field. Choose "L2TP/IPSec PSK" in the "Type" field.
Step 8:
Click the VPN called TopSecretSurfer and it will launch a login window. Enter the username and password that were sent to you in your confirmation email, and be sure to check the "save account information" box so that you never have to enter this info again!
It should then say "connecting," and then finally, "connected" under the TopSecretSurfer VPN.

You'll see a small key icon at the top of your screen now, as well.

You're now on the TopSecretSurfer VPN for Android.

If you wish to disconnect, click the TopSecretSurfer choice under VPN (see step 7 above for what that looks like) and choose "disconnect" from the available buttons.

Having trouble? Email us at
and we'll give you a hand with your installation process.
Step 6:
Under "Server Address," type the address that was provided to you in your confirmation email. Under IPSec Preshared Key, type the "secret" that was provided to you in your confirmation email.
Click "Save."
Step 7:
Your VPN list should now contain a VPN called TopSecretSurfer.