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Surf Safely, Securely and Secretly....
From Anywhere, at Any Time.

TopSecretSurfer is the anonymous surfing tool that you can take with you anywhere and use on any
computer. With TopSecretSurfer, you leave no trace of your browsing habits behind - No one can see
where you've been or where you came from. You are invisible, secure and free to explore the web, all
without firewalls, country barriers or slowdowns. Portable privacy, all over the globe.

Since 2010, TopSecretSurfer has been the ideal way to explore the web openly and invisibly, on-the-go. Explore video sites without those pesky "not available in your area" messages, surf the sites you wish, and do it all without leaving a trace of your presence.
TopSecretSurfer starts with our private and secure proxy servers, complete with 256-bit encryption protection, hiding your IP and wiping your "footprints" away.
TopSecretSurfer costs just $9.95 per month for flexible, anonymous, go-anywhere access to your favorite websites and videos. Your surfing is safe and secure on any computer you use and any network you're on.

Break down the barriers to an open Internet and keep your online life private, all with TopSecretSurfer.
Your connection is continually optimized for high-quality HD video, which means that, unlike other many other proxy servers or VPNs, TopSecretSurfer allows you to load high-res graphics and videos with ease.
While other products may lag, TopSecretSurfer delivers the same browsing speed you’re used to, with no significant slowdowns.
What sets TopSecretSurfer apart is the portability: TopSecretSurfer comes pre-loaded on a portable browser so you can put it on a jump drive and take it anywhere. Use it on any computer, even those at schools and libraries or in countries with site blocks. Get around firewalls easily and privately, all without giving away your online activity.

No matter where you are in the world, viewing content on sites like Netflix and Hulu is a breeze. Country blocks no longer apply, and firewalls don't stand in your way.